The Hatchet is a small to medium wave performer designed for the 2-6ft wave range as a fast and loose option for all skill levels. Its flatter rocker and straighter plane shape suits surfers looking for that combination of easier paddling, performance and speed with plenty of power for a range of conditions. With the new 'hydro FX' bottom contours incorporated to give it even more speed through the turns, without feeling sluggish in the weaker conditions too. A good all round high performance surfboard!


The Hatchet

Board Size
  • All boards are sold as blank white with FCS thrusters (3 fins) setup unless otherwise stated. If you wish to order additional colours or extras such as spray, resin tints, 5 fin or Future fins setup or carbon patches then please see pricing and details below. 

  • Spray – from £20

    Resin Tint – from £50

    Gloss / Polish – from £60

    Carbon Patch – from £10


    To discuss adding extras to your custom board, please call Mark on 07783467560

    or Email


    Optional Extras are available to add to your order HERE


    CLICK HERE to upload a custom design for your board

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