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Over 30 years of surfing different boards on different waves the world over has helped me create the shapes I make today. Surfing and the surf industry has grown tremendously in that time and these days boards are available with influences from every era in surfing.


I have always had an interest in how boards work and what makes them surf well. Getting boards made locally since I started surfing has enabled me to have more of an input and get the advice I needed when moving to a new board. Riding and working on new ideas with shapers like John Purton (JP Surfboards Wales), Chris Beynon (Wave Graffiti), Roger Cooper and Albert Harris (Odd surfboards).


Experimenting with different shapes to find that magic combination that I would be amped to surf in any given conditions has been a key focus for me for a number of years.


The boards I make are designed to give the rider more freedom in the waves by tailoring each shape to fit the particular style they may have or the kind of waves they surf. Width, volume, rocker, tail shape, rail shape, fins, concaves, it all counts and small changes can make all the difference.


At Howzi Surfboards each board is designed and shaped using both modern CNC and hand shaping incorporating the key elements – performance, speed and flow.

About Howzi Surfboards
Hand crafted surfboards made in Wales, UK.
"Shaped by surfers, for surfers"

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