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Howzi Surfboards offers a full custom surfboard design solution to cater for surfers of all shapes and sizes and requirements. We all know that guy that wants 1/16" off the width of his tail or a shaving off the thickness of the nose!

Whether you want a different fin setup or have a specific spray or resin tint you'd like to see on your board then we're here to help.…


Fill in the form below including as much detail as possible (you can even upload artwork or a design for us to try and match)


We will call you to discuss your custom board requirements and confirm your order.


Your board will then be shaped, glassed and finished and be ready for delivery or pick-up in approximately 3–5 weeks depending on the time of year and how busy we are.

Alternatively give Mark a call on 07783467560 or stop by the shaping unit for a chat.

Howzi Custom Surfboards

CALL NOW 07783467560

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