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Superfused high density recycled EPS blank with carbon fused bamboo or ply stringer and feather flex carbon patches. Giving you a more traditional PU board feel with the added flex patterns of EPS and Epoxy construction.

About Howzi Surfboards
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Laminated in a heat-controlled environment with ‘Resin research epoxy’ one of the strongest, lightest and brightest epoxy resins on the market. Resin research epoxy has over 40% bio content making it much safer and better for the environment than polyester resins used in traditional surfboard construction. Epoxy resin is much stronger than polyester and allows for less resin per sq foot than standard resins providing stronger constructed surfboards with better flex properties.

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Hexel S-glass fibre glass is used to laminate the board along with the epoxy resin. S-glass is pound for pound the strongest woven 4oz cloth available on the market. Offering up to 4x more tensile strength than other available cloths on the market. As standard we apply two layers of s-glass to each side of the board. The strength to weight ratio really is amazing – All the while gaining flex recoil instead of having a stiff, non flexing, pop out feel like some EPS epoxy sandwich construction surfboards have.

Finally the board is heated in a hot box over night at 35 degrees, this ensures curing times are sped up during the first 72 hours of the board’s life. Heat is a really important factor when using epoxy resins, the right temperatures must be maintained in order to exploit the epoxies characteristics.


Once the board has been in the hot box, we apply a 100% sand finish to the board which we believe is the strongest and lightest method to finish a surfboard. This finishing process is standard on all of our boards and is a testament to our factory staff that they can use this finish on our epoxy boards as well. Flatter sanding, sharper edges and resin gloss give these boards the Ferrari finish they deserve.

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