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A Mini Mal is the ideal surfboard to learn to surf or to fine tune your surfing skills. It provides a great board to progress onto if your learning on something like a softboard and a good option for the longboarder looking for a smaller more manoeuverable craft. This classic design offers easy wave catching with a nice stable platform that is still loose enough to perform nice turns and manoeuvres.


The Mini Mal  has also been re-fined over the years so that more competent surfers can still have a fun board to ride in smaller weaker conditions. The full nose and straighter rails allow the board to plane more easily and catch waves early. With softer rails up front to prevent catching in choppy conditions and sharp at the back giving a more forgiving ride but with enough bite to hold in steeper waves.


PU Surfboard Blank

6 + 4oz Glass Deck

Single 4oz Glass Bottom

FCS Fin Plugs


7'6 x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4      &         8'0" x 22 x 2 7/8 

Custom width & thickness available depending on individual preferences.




Entry: Low - Medium

Exit: Medium


Deck: 6 + 4oz

Bottom: Single 4oz






For more information on this surfboard, including custom sizes please call Mark on 07783467560 or use the custom order enquiry below.

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CALL NOW 07783467560

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