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The Short Long combines our classic ‘All rounder’ longboard outline and features and packs them into a smaller more manoeuvrable board.  Perfect those wanting a longboard without needing the length of a traditional log or the price tag!

Mid to low nose rocker for easy wave catching and nose riding, with higher tail lift for good manoeuvrability. Single concave in the nose to help you get a few toes over, flat with slight roll in the mid section to double concave  'V' in the tail for quicker turns.

The rails run from soft and high in the nose, to boxy in the tail. Becoming fuller through the middle to aid with paddling and stability. The ‘short long is an excellent high volume mid length which catches loads of waves when its small and with the extra tail lift is happy to hook you onto a few bigger faces too. Surf the short long from the middle, or move your feet to the nose or the tail to get the very best out of this mini log.






PU Surfboard Blank

6 + 4oz Glass Deck

Single 4oz Glass Bottom

FCS/Futures Fin Plugs

short long B page .png


 8'1" x 22 x 2 3/4

Custom width & thickness available depending on individual preferences.




Entry: Low

Exit: Medium


Deck: 6 + 4oz

Bottom: Single 4oz








For more information on this surfboard, including custom sizes please call Mark on 07783467560 or use the custom order enquiry below.

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CALL NOW 07783467560

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