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Designed to give the rider a more relaxed flowing ride in small to medium size waves. Perfect for slipping across the wave face on summer swells with easier paddle-ability and wave catching.


With a single concave to help create lift and single fin to add more speed and flow. They are ridden anywhere from the same length as your shortboard to 4-6 inches bigger but really they would work at any length!


They can incorporate a 3 fin thruster set up, single fin, single with side bites, quad or all of the above!! A really versatile surfboard for those wanting a small wave fun board without going to a Mini Mal.


PU Surfboard Blank

6 + 4oz Glass Deck

Single 4oz Glass Bottom

FCS/Futures Fin Plugs


 6'8" up to 7'2" 

custom width & thickness depending on individual preferences.




Entry: Low

Exit: Medium

mid length 589.png


Deck: Double 4oz or 6 + 4oz

Bottom: Single 4oz

For more information on this surfboard, including custom sizes please call Mark on 07783467560 or use the custom order enquiry below.


CALL NOW 07783467560

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