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The Sneaky Beaver sits in the Magic Carpet genre of board designs however its way more than a chopped down mal! Width and volume under the chest make it’s a fast paddler and easy wave catcher. With an elongated diamond tail that provides some of the bite and pivot of a pin tail with the release of a diamond.


The bottom contours flow from a rolled hull to concave to double concave vee in the back third creating lift in the front with drive and rail to rail transition in the rear so its no slouch on the waves face.

For the competent surfer it’s the perfect mid length to make the most out of weaker mushier conditions and improve wave count at over crowded beaches whilst providing enough width and stability for the novice surfer to progress on. A super fun and versatile board that’s still able to perform in typical UK summer surf!






PU Surfboard Blank

6 + 4oz Glass Deck

Single 4oz Glass Bottom

FCS/Futures Fin Plugs

sneaky beaver B page.png


6'4 to  7'2 Custom width & volume depending on individual preferences.




Entry: Low

Exit: Medium


Deck: 6 + 4oz

Bottom: Single 4oz

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For more information on this surfboard, including custom sizes please call Mark on 07783467560 or use the custom order enquiry below.


CALL NOW 07783467560

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