Pure trim and glide for those looking for a new experience in mid length surfing.


Transitional displacement hulls and low rails provide smooth slingshot bottom turns to set up for effortless trim speed. The unique bottom contours feature more back foot functionality to surf more critical sections of the wave without taking from the beautiful glide that hull bottom contour enthusiasts know and love.


 If your looking for a casual style machine you’ve found it!


PU Surfboard Blank

6 + 4oz Glass Deck

Single 4oz Glass Bottom

FCS/ Futures Fin Plugs


 6'10  to 8'0

Custom width & volume depending on individual preferences.




Entry: Low

Exit: Medium


Deck: 6 + 4oz

Bottom: Single 4oz

mid length 589.png

For more information on this surfboard, including custom sizes please call Mark on 07783467560 or use the custom order enquiry below.


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